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How to move hosting for your website continued

The first step to moving your current website over to a new server is to find the xml file that holds all of the content and theme for your website.  If you have a wordpress site, you can go to tools, then “export” then download the file and save it somewhere where you will know how to find it.  After you download the file, set up a new hosting account where you would like to have the site hosted.  Fill out all of the information and choose the domain name that you want to be hosted.  You should receive a confirmation email from the hosting company that will have two DNS servers that will be the new ones you will put your site on.  They look like this:



If you currently have your site hosted on Godaddy, you will go into manage dns and change out the existing Godaddy name servers with these two.  Sometimes it can take up to a day for the server change to take effect.

After you change out the nameservers and you see that the site has been moved (you will see a blank screen with a few links on it when you type in the domain name), you are ready proceed.

All you have to do at this point is reinstall wordpress and then go to Tools, Import, and import the xml file that you downloaded in the first step, and wala, your site should look just like it did before!

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Building an Awesome Lawyer Website

how to design websites for lawyers

Looking to Develop a Website for Your Law Firm?

how to design websites for lawyers

Lawyers website design

There are many different web design options out there for different business types.  Lawyers know their profession better than any other, so it makes sense that you would hire a web design firm that also knows about your profession.   It’s vitally important that you pick a design company that knows how to get business to you through the web.  One of the most important things you can do for your business is search engine optimization that points links to your site.  What this does for you is essentially tell Google that you are the real deal and that other websites vouch for the legitimacy of your site.

Often times you will find that you are not receiving must traffic to your site.  If you dont know how to track the traffic on your site go and check out to sign up for an account.  This tool allows you to see how many unique visitors you have gotten over a period of time, what search queries they typed in before they landed on your website, and many many other tools.

So what do I do once I know how many visitors I am getting to my site? The important piece of information is mostly what they typed into the browser before finding your site.  Analyzing these keywords will allow you to get a really good idea of what types of articles you should post and what kind of words you should use to describe the topics you are talking about.  Check out this video for more information:


How to move your website to a new domain

When you have a site that is currently on hosting, like say, you may become dissatisfied with that hosting company – not to say anything bad about Godaddy in particular, just an example. A number of reasons could be: – Paying too much for hosting – Your hosting keeps dropping you or blacking out […]

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